World Record Sailfish on 2 lb tippet

Enrico and World Record Black

World Record Black Marlin on 2 lb test


World Record

World Record White Marlin on 2 lb tippet 20 April 2011, Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

World Record

Potential 64.85 lb World Record Atlantic Sailfish on 12 lb tippet 16 January 2012, LaAmada Mexico.

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ENRICO CAPOZZI - was born and raised in Milano, Italy in a fashion industry family, and has been fishing since he was a very young man. He has been a professional angler since the mid 1970's and his travels have taken him to every continent and every ocean on the planet. Enrico holds current world record catches in the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. With over 10,000 billfish releases and many world record catches to his credit, he is the only man to have caught a billfish on 2 lb tippet, he is notably one of the few men in history to set many blue marlin and black marlin world records never before obtained on fly tackle.

Enrico has always been an adventurer and world traveler, and together with his fishing partner Stacey Georgia Parkerson they have travelled to the pinnacle of fishing. In search of the PERFECT CATCH, Enrico and Stacey search the world on their fishing machine, The Spirit of Pilar, with a team of professionals, Captain Bruno Larica, Allen Smith, and Pelon Ruiz, looking for the right conditions, the rights season, the right tackle, the right location, and the right fish.




Enrico Capozzi

2 March 2012- 9.45 am - 13 miles off the coast of Isla Contoy,Mexico. Official weigh 45.80 Lbs.
Enrico new pending IGFA world record Atlantic sailfish, caught on 2 lb. tippet fly rod.

First atlantic sailfish record ever landed on 2 lb. tippet fly rod in angling history
Super Grand Slam of billfish world records caught on 2 lb. line, another first in angling history.

10000 fish

100 world Records

World Record 100 for the Spirit of Pilar - Atlantic blue marlin caught on 8 lb tippet by Enrico Capozzi

Fishing Statistics for Enrico Capozzi –

  • First angler in angling history to catch (August 2010) 10,000 billfish in a lifetime (including 879 blue/black marlin)
  • Enrico was awarded 27 times between all billfish categories angler of the year from the Billfish Foundation for the most billfish releases in the world. 
  • Enrico is the only angler in history to have landed billfish world records in both conventional and fly categories.

His achievements include:

  • Largest fish of any kind ever landed in angling history on 2 lb conventional: Black marlin
  • Largest fish of any kind ever landed in angling history on 2 lb fly : Pacific Sailfish
  • First white marlin record ever caught in angling history on 2 lb tippet fly rod.
  • First Marlin in angling history ever caught on 2 lb tippet fly rod
  • Largest fish of any kind ever landed in angling history on 6 lb conventional: Black marlin
  • First ever record blue marlin on fly over 20 to 1 : 8 lb tippet
  • Second world record in angling history over 100 to 1 ( Black marlin on 6 lb - 146.2 to 1)
  • Super Grand Slam of billfish world records on conventional tackle
  • First Fantasy Slam (five billfish species) in angling history of billfish records on a fly rod by an angler
  • First angler to catch over 100 blue marlin in a year 142 (1995)
  • Successfully caught and released 16 billfish Grand Slams (including first in history on fly rod)
  • First Grand Slam in angling history of billfish world records caught on 2 lb line by an angler. Black marlin (Australia) Pacific Sailfish (Costa Rica) and White Marlin (Dominican Republic) 30 to 1 ratio
  • Royal Slam (every single billfish species in the world, both oceans)
  • Fantasy Slam of World Record billfish (5) species  between conventional and fly rod.
    Enrico's World Records

Enrico is a contributing writer to many fishing publications and articles written about him can be found here:


Enrico Capozzi has developed a technique for catching world record billfish on the fly that he has turned into a finely honed skill of perfection.

"The tackle, the boat, I leave nothing to chance, everything is done for a reason down to the finest detail”
... Enrico Capozzi
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August 18, 2007
World Record Sailfish Video
- Enrico Capozzi catches a World Record Sailfish on 2 lb tippet, all caught on video.

World Record Photos - Some of the exciting photos of Enrico's world record catches

Photos Here
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