World Record Blue Marlin 16 lb tippet

Stacey Parkerson

World Record White Marlin 8 lb tippet

Stacey Parkerson

World Record White Marlin 6 lb tippet


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STACEY GEORGIA PARKERSON - was born in Colorado and raised in Florida, and began her fishing adventures traveliing to exotic locations when she met Enrico many years ago. Stacey has learned quickly the finer skills of catching World Record catches, and is now an accomplished angler in her own right.

There are only a handful of people in the world that can claim that they have caught a blue marlin on the fly. Stacey is the only women in the world that holds two world record blue marlin caught on the fly. Fewer than four women have caught World Record Sailfish on the fly, and Stacey has caught them on the lightest tackle than any other, 2 lb., 4 lb., and 6 lb. tippet.

Stacey has released or caught over 1,456 billfish (including 98 blue & black marlin), and was awarded three years in a row the top Lady Angler of the year for the most billfish releases in the world.


Stacey White Marlin WR

Her achievements include:Stacey World Record

  • First woman to land world record blue marlin in angling history on fly 20 and 16 tippet.
  • Stacey is the first lady angler to land a billfish world record on 2 and 4 lb tippets fly rod.
  • She is also the first lady angler to ever land a blue marlin world record in the Atlantic on the fly rod.
  • Stacey & Enrico is the first couple in angling history to have held every single line class world records in one category: Mullet snapper from 2 to 50 lb.test.
  • 1st Place IGFA World Record Achievement Award 2009 for the most world records
  • First lady angler in angling history to achieve a Super Grand Slam of Billfish World Records with 4 species
  • First lady angler in angling history to catch a White Marlin world record on 12 and 8 and 6 lb tippet fly rod 
    Stacey's World Records


Stacey Parkerson

On the 27th of January 2012. Stacey landed an Atlantic sailfish of 49.50 lbs. on 6 lb. tippet after a great 1 hour and ten minute battle.

This is the first ever world record Atlantic sailfish on 6 lb. tippet for a lady angler in fishing history.

And for Stacey a Grand Slam of billfish world records on 6 lb. tippet fly rod.

Enrico Capozzi and Stacey Georgia Parkerson have a great time where ever they are fishing, and have made fishing a lifestyle of fun and excitement.

"I love my life. I am living my dream, and I am looking forward to our next world record catch” ...
Stacey Georgia Parkerson
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August 18, 2007
World Record Sailfish Video
- Enrico Capozzi catches a World Record Blue Marlin on 12 lb tippet.

World Record Photos - Some of the exciting photos of Enrico's world record catches

Photos Here
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